Let's Get Ready

Start fresh with Jesus!

When you get baptized, you are saying the following three things listed below. If you’re in agreement with these statements and understand the significance of this act, then you’re ready to get baptized!


“I declare my allegiance to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am disassociating from my old lifestyle, symbolically burying it by going down under water.”

Jesus Christ

“I associate myself with the message and person of Jesus Christ and wish to identify myself as one of His followers. As I publicly declare my faith, I am showing others that my heart is committed to Him.”


“I declare that I will fully yield myself to Jesus and to the Spirit of grace and fully immerse myself in His truth. I desire to know Him, love Him and obey Him, allowing Him to overtake my life—as symbolized by being fully immersed (as opposed to sprinkled) in water.”

Next Steps

Prior to being baptized, please complete this info and fill out the Water Baptism Registration.


-   Dark color shorts or pants
-   All participants should also wear the provided Water Baptism T-shirt over your undershirt or T-shirt
-   Full underwear with an inner garment such as an undershirt or T-shirt


Capturing photos and/or videos is absolutely allowed and recommended! We want you to have keepsakes of this special day. We encourage friends and family to snap some!

Don't Forget

-   Toiletries (i.e., comb or brush)
-   Complete change of clothing

I'm ready!

*Registration for Water Baptism in the main Sanctuary is for adults (those 18 years or older). Requests for youth baptism may be made with VictoryYTH.


More info?

Connect with us on our website. victoryatl.com/baptism